Here is what the face behind the art looks like :)

My name is Vera, I am visual artist currently living and working in Oshawa, Ontario. I have been painting for as long as I can remember! It all started with me entering art college, then university and then full time art career took it's place! Well to be completely honest I did have a long long period of working as a graphic designer while going to university but who cares at this point. What you should know about me is I LOVE PETS! Big and small, fluffy and not so fluffy, cats, dogs, bunnies and all other cuties! It brings me a lot of joy to paint them and I want to bring you guys joy by creating the most beautiful portraits of your fur babies! They are just so precious and hold a very special place in our hearts! 


What PRODUCTS and services do I offer?

canvas\wood custom

acrylic paintings

Pumpkin eater.jpg

REsin and glitter

coaster paintings

IMG_4628 2.JPG


coaster paintings


Colour your pet


Phil 4.jpg
Phil 5.jpg
Abbey 3.jpg