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Price List

I base my price on hourly + materials. It takes a lot of hours to make my portraits look as realistic and beautiful as they do, I take great pride in my work! 

Here is price list for most common sizes for CANVAS/WOOD ACRYLIC PAINTINGS:

 6x6"   $100 CAD + shipping 

 8x8"   $150 CAD + shipping

10x10" $200 CAD + shipping 

12x12" $250 CAD + shipping 

14x14" $300 CAD + shipping 

16x16" $340 CAD + shipping

16x20" $350 CAD + shipping 

18x24" $450 CAD + shipping 

24x30" $600 CAD + shipping

SLATE COASTERS are $45 CAD each + shipping 

RESIN WITH GLITTER COASTERS are $60 CAD each + shipping

Hand painted COLOUR YOUR PET sketches ( digital image only) are $15 CAD each with next day digital delivery

To order your piece please get in touch with me over email

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